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The word isn't usually a noun, but in this case it's a more than apt description. Chaotics are the unpredictables, the wild entities in a world full of magic. While they were born of the magic, like every other living creature, they are what happens when it goes wrong. Whenever someone's ambition takes them too far, whenever the magic mutates within someone's body, whenever feral senses go too far over the edge, a Chaotic is born.

They can be formed from animals, humans, and everything in between, though to become one is a rare event. A Chaotic is born in rotting magic turning in on itself, which is why Chaotics themselves no longer have any power; it was all burnt up and consumed in their transformation. They rely instead on strength and bestial instincts to fight and to survive. But even though many of them are formed when magic is perverted and twisted beyond recognition, to call them evil is a misnomer. Chaotics are as their name suggests, chaotic. They are interested in only their own wellbeing and are more like wild beasts with permanent aggression than anything rational and thinking.

Though they can come from many sources, there are a few traits that are exhibited by all Chaotics, beside their self-interested attitude. They're all chimeras, a blend of two or more animals. Why this happens even to Chaotics created from humans and human-likes is a mystery, one that'll perhaps be solved one day. Their size varies, going from small dog all the way to "Blot out the sun", and all ranges in between. Most Chaotics also possess three or more eyes, some even with them littered around their bodies. Colors tend to be burnt shades of whatever they're formed of, with many Chaotics being totally black or brown.

Fighting a Chaotic depends on a person's individual tactics. As stated before they have no magic, and as such are complete melee fighters, using their teeth and limbs to try and take down foes. When they die they complete dissolve, dissipating into the air around them. Killing a Chaotic is total death for whatever formed it in the first place, with no remnants of self remaining. To become a Chaotic is a one-way process.

Where they first came from is a mystery, though some scholars postulate that it's a matter of the world's balance. As there is light so too must there be dark, and Chaotics are one of the few world-wide threats. Many are thought to be ancient entities, created from a long process of magic deterioration in a given creature. There are reports of some being treated as deities in ancient civilizations, but this is fledgling research that is still being looked into.

What is known is that there are far, far more Chaotics than there used to be. While they were always present, a sort of boogie man that parents warn their children against, now they are becoming active threat in many communities. Number of lives lost to Chaotic attacks has exploded, and though many safe spaces have been created, the menace continues to wreak havoc throughout the world with no signs of stopping. Some rumors of Chaotics showing strange, almost intelligent behavior is unfounded and most advise to ignore them, particularly since there are some demons out there who bear resemblance to Chaotics-- actual chimeras, mnemophages (dream eaters), and the like --and can be confused for them from a distance.

Overall Chaotics are a familiar creature, though little in-depth information is known about them. Where did they come from? Are they created by a long process or by a short explosion of magic? Why are there so many more than there used to be? Perhaps these can be answered in time.